Would you hire a warehouse on-site or off-site?

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With quality commercial property available for rent being in decline over the last couple of years, businesses have been looking at alternative options. A temporary building can not only create the additional warehousing needed, but it can often do it much quicker with the added advantage of keeping everything on site. So, what are the reasons for choosing this option over off-site hiring and why aren’t more people doing it?

Leasing quality industrial space off-site in certain parts of the country has been a problem for many over the past couple of years. The economic climate together with a lack of confidence in all areas has led to less speculative development work and significant competition for what is left.

This does seem to be slowly changing, but why not consider keeping overflow warehousing on-site by hiring a warehouse temporary building?

We’ve put together what we consider to be six good reasons to do this.

  • Speed You won’t have to wait for suitable space to become available. A temporary building will be available immediately if it’s in stock or in about three weeks if it needs to be manufactured to order. Once the building is ready it takes around 4 days to build and you won’t need to lay any foundations.
  • Costs Keeping overflow warehousing on site with a temporary building means you can reduce the additional costs associated with hiring off site. These might include transport costs, security and even additional staffing.
  • Control Leasing warehousing off-site is the traditional way of getting more space and businesses have adapted to make it work. But, if you can have that extra space on-site with a temporary warehouse building wouldn’t it help keep tighter control and traceability of stock?
  • Customers Bringing all your warehousing onto one site gives you the chance of not only tighter stock control but faster lead times for customers; encouraging loyalty and referrals.
  • Security If it’s under one roof its under one watchful eye; yours.
  • Staff Your team might find their job less stressful and more rewarding if they feel more in control of storage and handling processes. By using a temporary building for your overflow warehousing, audits and checks can take place on-site when needed, keeping figures accurate, processes efficient and staff confident in their work.

Hiring a temporary building on your own site is not the right answer for everyone, especially if you haven’t got the space to put one. For many though it hasn’t featured in their planning, either due to a lack of knowledge, or the wrong perception.

So when you need more warehousing the option of a temporary building might or might not work, but it should certainly be on your list.

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