Industrial marquees – building or tent?

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There is a confusion in terminology when it comes to industrial marquees or temporary buildings as they might be more popularly known. Often when referring to a marquee, people may be thinking of large tent structures such as those used for weddings, exhibitions or other special events. An industrial marquee, however, is a substantial building used for industrial or commercial purposes such as warehousing or storage facilities.
There are similarities between something like an event marquee and an industrial marquee. They can both be transported to site quite easily, and both can be erected on to hard standing without the need for additional ground preparation. Of course there are differences as well, an event type of marquee has a much lower level of specification than an industrial marquee, which is intrinsically stronger and more resilient being constructed of an aluminium with steel clad walls.

Industrial marquee construction

The modular construction and the use of lightweight materials of an industrial marquee means that it can be can be constructed on site in a matter of days. The aluminium frame meets the British Standard for structural safety which means it can withstand the maximum wind and snow loadings as requested by the standard. The strength and resilience of an industrial marquee means it can reliably be used as a replacement for a permanent building.

An industrial marquee or temporary building can be supplied and used for a variety of purposes. For example, where specific storage temperature requirements are needed then the building can be supplied with insulated walls for effective temperature control. Equally if its purpose is to provide a cover over a warehouse loading bay, a temporary structure can be the answer.

Some examples of these types of buildings can be seen in our building gallery.

To hire or buy?

Whereas tent type structures are normally rented for short periods an industrial marquee can be purchased outright or hired for long or short term use. Hiring a building means it can be used to take care of a short term rise in commercial activity or as a solution in the event of an unfortunate occurrence like a fire. There are many reasons why additional space may be needed and a temporary industrial marquee is often a quick and easy solution. If the requirement is only short term, the dismantling process is quite simple and the building can be removed with no evidence that it was ever there.

Industrial marquees are really classed as buildings and can be an effective alternative to a permanent building and the hiring and purchasing options make them a flexible solution. Choosing an industrial marquee means that the rewards of expansion and growth can be realised without the capital investment and uncertainty which is involved when looking to use a permanent building as part of any expansion plans.

If there is a need for more space in a business, then an industrial marquee of temporary building may be the answer. Some examples of their applications can be seen here in our case studies which shows the flexibility and different types of use of these versatile buildings.

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