Temporary buildings

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Industrial tent, shed or marquee, the many names of a temporary building

Temporary buildings are incredibly versatile structures that have become an increasingly prominent solution for companies that need a quick and affordable way to create additional space for taking on a large contract or protecting stored goods.

However, when it comes to temporary structures, you might know them by a different name, possibly industrial tents, industrial sheds, or marquees. Additionally, you may call them portable buildings or semi-permanent structures.

Industrial tents or marquees are some of the most widely used search terms when seeking a cost-effective option for warehouse storage, temporary retail space and even extensions to the manufacturing processes or workshops. Some companies also ask for industrial sheds to accommodate smaller-scale storage.

Regardless of the name used, we work with you to ensure you find the perfect solution to your temporary space needs. At Aganto, we provide a wide range of temporary structures for numerous industries and a wide variety of applications. We understand you may call our products by a different name, but together we can still find the right building for you.

Temporary workshop for manufacturing glamping pods

Temporary building benefits


The ability to be fully customisable makes a temporary structure extremely flexible in order to cater for any specific requirements, which is one of their most notable advantages. They can be quickly installed and dismantled, allowing for easy relocation or expansion as your business needs change. This makes them an ideal choice for business growth and fluctuations in demand such as seasonal market activity or large contracts. If the structure is no longer required, it can be taken down and removed from your site, returning it to its original state with minimal disruption to your business operations.


Temporary buildings are often a significantly inexpensive temporary storage option when compared to a permanent building. Not only are they less expensive to purchase or rent, but they don’t require groundwork or foundations, allowing them to be installed quickly and at a low cost. An industrial tent can also be dismantled and relocated, providing long-term cost savings over permanent buildings.


Despite being a temporary structure, they can be customised to meet the specific needs of your business, including specific size and layout requirements. Other optional features include insulation, lighting, heating and cooling systems and other features to create a comfortable and functional workspace for you and your employees.

Quick installation

Temporary buildings can be installed within just a few days, whereas with a new permanent build, this can take months or even years to be fully completed. This ensures that businesses can get their new workspace up and running quickly, without waiting for the construction of a permanent facility. This reduces the amount of downtime in your operations and increases the amount of storage space you have access to all within around 7 days.


Sustainability is an increasingly important factor and is a long term goal for a lot of businesses. Temporary buildings are a great option if you have sustainability in mind as they are designed to be reused or repurposed after their initial use. As a result, they generate less waste than a traditional building, making them a great choice for any business wanting to reduce their impact on the environment.

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