Logistics Loading Bay Canopy for Automotive Tier 1 Supplier enhances efficiencies for challenging logistics operations.

Automotive manufacturing supply chain leads the way in being lean

SCHEDL Automotive System Service provides wheel and tyre assemblies on a high industrial level to automotive OEM’s. Challenging logistics services are a core businesses requirement as the automotive sector is renowned for it’s high efficiency standards.

Growth in demand lead to the need for more efficient loading

With increasing orders the efficiency of the team loading and unloading needed reviewing to ensure the resources could meet the surge in demand. Enabling the goods being loaded or unloaded to be temporarily stored at a precise location where deliveries and collections are made could significantly increase productivity. However, the area needed to be protected from the elements.

An industrial loading bay canopy was the answer

To protect staff when loading and unloading vehicles and keep all stock and customer orders dry and protected – was essential. Aganto were approached to provide advice on how loading and unloading could be optimised using an industrial loading bay canopy. Having the goods quickly loaded or unloaded within the protection provided by an industrial loading bay canopy would minimise the risk of demurrage (the cost of delays when loading or unloading payable to the haulier).

Aganto – Industrial loading bay canopy optimise your logistics?

Aganto can provide FREE ADVICE and a range of options from purchase of new or used industrial loading bay canopies to long or short-term rental.

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