The University of Westminster’s campus in Harrow, north west London is its showcase for creative and business disciplines with state-of-the art facilities.

Following a major fire, the campus was forced to close two entire blocks, which accommodated the School of Media, Arts and Design. This included art and design studios, video editing and photo facilities, ceramics studios and workshops, fashion and music areas and a newsroom.

Emergency education building

Whilst a new permanent building was planned, this could not be delivered in time for the start of the new academic year.

As well as a facility that could be installed quickly, the University also required a large temporary structure which was equipped to accommodate a wide range of activities and that was in keeping with the School’s contemporary image.

Large temporary structure provided

Available immediately, a temporary building provided an ideal interim solution.

As the UK’s leading independent supplier of temporary buildings, Aganto was able to supply a large temporary building comprising an 1800 sq m aluminium framed structure, erected by its professional site development team within a week.

Partitions were installed to section off classroom and workshop areas and make optimal use of the available space, whilst a HVAC system, with additional ducting, was installed to ensure the quality of the air supply circulated and provide a comfortable teaching, learning and working environment.

Education building provided to tight timescale

“The professionalism of Aganto ensured that the project was delivered within the tight time schedule specified, enabling teaching to continue oblivious to the fact that a fire had even occurred on campus.

“Aganto’s flexible and customer orientated approach also meant that we have been able to retain the building for longer than we originally anticipated, until our new building is finalised.”

Roger Wyatt, the University’s Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities

In the event of an emergency, Aganto provide a rapid, reliable response 24/7 and a standard building can usually be supplied within days. Once the initial crisis has been dealt with, Aganto can work with clients to develop a longer-term contingency plan as required.

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