The Environment Agency removed an automatic trash screen at Lea Marston lakes, Sutton Coldfield on the River Teme as water quality improvements had rendered it redundant.

A temporary building provides a cost-effective short-term solution

To complete the works at Lea Marston Lakes and to prevent potential hold ups from adverse weather, a covered area for storage and workspace was required. With flat hard standing available, a temporary building was selected as the most suitable solution. A 12m wide x 15m long rented temporary building was provided by Aganto, which delivered an impressive 5.2m eaves height.

Environment Agency decommission works will save over £200,000 each year

Lea Marston Lakes were created in the 1980s to collect contaminated sediment flowing down the River Tame from Birmingham and Minworth sewage treatment works. The automatic trash screen was originally built to collect logs and other debris that could potentially cause damage to the equipment used for contaminated sediment removal. The trash screen cost over £200,000 each year to run and maintain and it had got to the end of its design life.

Neil Lote, from the Environment Agency said:

“We’re really pleased to see our work towards improving river water quality having such wide benefits. The screen wasn’t reducing flood risk, and was in fact acting as a barrier to further environmental improvements to the lakes and the river.  It mads sense to remove it.”

Short-term temporary building rented from Aganto helped deliver this successful project

The screen changed the water levels which made it difficult for the Environment Agency to take accurate measurements. Once the screen was removed,  they were able to have greater confidence in the data for risk analysis so appropriate future flood alerts and warnings could be issued.

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