Land Clean Limited is a national contractor specialising in the cleaning and decontamination of land. At one of its current sites in Northern England Land Clean needed to assemble their mobile thermal desorption plant. This machine processes and cleans contaminated soil by a process of burning and sterilisation.

Industrial shed for soil storage

A building was needed to house the contaminated soil excavated from a historical chemical works prior to the earth being treated with lime and dried to a suitable condition before being processed through the plant ready for back fill to the area where it was first excavated, providing an environmental programme of decontamination.The solution provided by Aganto comprised of two 15 x 40 x 4.2 metre gutter linked industrial sheds complete with roller shutter doors enabling access for plant and lorries.

Flexible industrial sheds

Steve Rogers of Land Clean commented that:

“the structures increased productivity on site to such an extent that we have asked Aganto to extend the current warehouses by a further 15 x 35 x 4.2 metres to cope with additional material thus speeding up the whole process further.”

This was no problem for Aganto of course and we were able to extend the structure with no disruption to daily operations.

Andy Butters, Director of Aganto

“This was an interesting project for Aganto moving away from the more traditional uses for our structures and really moving into a niche market, we always pride ourselves on levels of service and product versatility and here is a classic example. Further we are very proud to be associated with such an environmentally friendly project and company.”

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