Rapid expansion of specialist manufacturer and worldwide distributor of ‘Dry’ and ‘Oil immersed’ friction products presented a common challenge – not enough warehouse space to accommodate the growth – but too little extra product to make moving or renting external warehouse space a viable option.

Increasing orders means more warehouse space

When the world leader in the manufacturer and global distribution of friction and steel discs – used extensively in Earthmoving and Mining aftermarket’s – needed more space to accommodate significant growth, they explored all the options when considering expanding their increased warehousing needs. Timescales ruled out a conventional extension, logistics ruled out an off-site facility but a temporary building ticked every requirement.

Converting yard space to a fully operational warehouse in days

The 12m wide, 15m long temporary warehouse was configured to the space available. Unlike a conventionally built extension, this could extent right up to the property boarder (No permanent development can come within 5m of the curtilage boundary – that’s a lot of wasted space!)

An adjoining temporary warehouse meant no compromise

In addition to the maximum usage of spare outside space, the temporary warehouse also connected to the building to ensure seamless integration with the current warehousing and distribution operations. Having the temporary warehouse located on-site meant the transition was easy to manage and the additional on-site warehousing space could be effectively utilised with the least hassle.

Need a temporary warehouse?

Aganto can provide FREE ADVICE and a range of options from purchase of new or used temporary warehouse building to long or short-term rental. It’s the most flexible way to balance the needs of your business potential without the hold-ups or expense of extending through conventional buildings or moving to another site. It starts with a free site visit and expert appraisal of your needs together with the range of possible options.

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