Prefab building makes new recreation space

Special needs students at Stocklake Park Community School in Buckinghamshire jumped with joy following the installation of a floor level trampoline, housed within a temporary prefab building from Aganto.

The school had a 180 sq m facility in which it wanted to use to house a trampoline, which is used to provide ‘rebound therapy’ for children with limited motor skills. However, the existing structure did not provide the 5m clearance required for buildings which house trampolines and therefore needed to be replaced.

Cost effective and practical building

Faced with the prospect of spending valuable time and money on a permanent building the school was delighted to learn that an Aganto building provided most of the benefits of a permanent building at a fraction of the cost. Prefab buildings are widely used to provide cost-effective cover for all kinds of leisure activities.

Aganto designed and installed a prefab building, 9m wide by 20m long by 5m high. Insulated Trisomet wall and roof panels from Corus were used for minimum air leakage, maximum fire resistance, superior strength and thermal efficiency.

In addition to the building itself, Aganto supplied and installed internal walls, partitioning, doors and lighting, providing a turnkey solution for all the major external and internal works, overseen by an experienced, full-time project manager.

Prefab buildings – installed in weeks

Providing the look, feel and structural integrity of a permanent building but without the need for traditional foundations and civil works, Aganto’s recreation buildings can be erected in a matter of weeks, or sometimes days, offering dramatically reduced design, labour and material costs.

“Whilst we did find a couple of other temporary building suppliers who could supply a building of roughly the right size and type, only Aganto were able to provide us with a building which met current Building Regulations and to offer a ‘one-stop’ solution.”

“Of course, a prefabricated building has pros and cons – for example, the Aganto structure looks slightly more ‘industrial’ than a permanent building however, this is a small price to pay in return for the huge upfront savings and lower maintenance requirements in comparison with bricks and mortar. The word temporary may actually be a bit misleading as we fully expect to be using the new facility for the next 20 years at least.”

Site Operations Manager for The Vale Foundation, Clive Bardell

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