Probably the most flexible retail space in the UK

Innovative Retractable Tunnel Application

Wickes are renowned for their innovation and have reshaped the UK DIY and traditional builder’s merchants sector since they entered the market in 1972. So it came as no surprise when they were opening a new store in Staines, they had a new concept for maximising their retail space

Flexible undercover space for ‘out of town’ retail

With any retail floor space, inside or outside, to be successful you need to maximise the usage. The team designing the store layout at Wickes had identified the use of a retractable tunnel which would provide both valuable undercover loading area and flexible overspill cover for flash sales or special promotions. With the outside yard space being as important as the internal store footprint for sales, it was imperative that Wickes could optimise every square foot.

Retractable tunnel in corporate Wickes colours

Having a busy footfall both within the store and yard meant the look of the retractable tunnel was just as important as the functionality. The Wickes corporate colour scheme was specified, together with skirting and flashing to ensure the link to the store building was weatherproof.

Wickes retractable tunnel dimensions

The footprint of the retractable tunnel is 7.8m external width by 14m long. This combines two 7m retractable tunnels made up of linked 1m sections.

Internal usable space
5m clear height (full width)
5.94m max height (eve)
Width 7.5m
Length 14m (when fully extended)

Retracted length 2.21m
When the tunnel is retracted the PVC on the roof will fold inside the tunnel by approximately 50cms and PVC from walls extend outwards.*

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