Providing Steelite International the space to grow

Andy Butters, Managing Director of Aganto explains how they help Steelite International, and manufacturing businesses like them, solve their space and warehousing challenges in a matter of days.

“We took an enquiry on a Monday, this customer, a very successful manufacturing export business had a real quick, fast demand for some space within their organisation. Warehouses on site full to bursting, product coming off production lines and filling up the space that’s not there. The customer calls us and they need us to put something together quite quickly.”

We’re really good at reacting fast and providing solutions

We work all over the country as far north as Aberdeen as far south as Dover and across to Cornwall so we can react to pretty much most places across the UK.

From initial enquiry, we were 24 hours coming on to site

We were literally back to the office, checking stock, we were preparing quotes and proposals for the customer in line with the solution – they went out the same day. Within about 24 hours we had agreed commercial terms, we had received an order from the customer and we are into a stock picking situation and a labour allocation situation. We were ready to go by the following Monday, our buildings are wind and snow loaded consistent with the British standards laid down within this country in terms of their structural integrity.

Insulated, 6m eves and 400m2 of dry, secure storage

This particular building is going to house some of the packaging so we needed to create a dry environment and to this end we’re putting in what we regard as one of our insulated solutions. So this building has got a level of insulation at wall level but also at ceiling level as well. The space that we have got and the size of the building determines the time that is actually takes to complete the installation. Typically in this instance we are creating about 375 to 400 sq metres of floor space with an adequate eave height. We will be delivering that with a crew in about 4 days.

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