Tim commented,

“We did consider a permanent canopy on the side of a building, but this was proven to be a more expensive option. We chose Aganto as they were more competitive on cost. The delivery was also better than the other quotes.”

The three tunnel units were purchased in white PVC, each 2.8m external width (at gable ∆ end) x 10m length in 1m sections – and within a single day – were swiftly installed by Aganto’s in-house site team. They were linked in three x 10m sections, making one long tunnel 2.8x30m with 2m side height / 2.36m total/max height.

The retractable sections provide flexibility to access the stock via forklift truck and the closed ends, robust PVC cover and aluminium frame keeps stock secure and protected against the windy and exposed weather conditions of the site. The tunnel’s pneumatic tyres enabled the structure to be easily located with no foundations or groundworks required, on sloping tarmac.

Speaking to the Operations Manager at the Exeter site – Mark Howard – nearly one year on from the installation of the tunnel, the structure is in regular use, with the centre section is retracted and re-extended around once a month.

“I am happy with the service we received from Aganto and would definitely recommend both the company and retractable tunnels as a practical and cost-effective storage solution. Installation was carried out without disruption to our site operations, and the site team were polite and professional. The tunnel has been completely fit for purpose, and 10 months on – it still looks smart.”