30 days later they were operating from a brand new 400m2 insulated warehouse with 6m eve height. Watch the time lapse video and hear how the project was delivered successfully from enquiry to working warehouse in a matter of days.

Export market growth resulted in the need for additional warehouse space

Steelite International is a world-leading manufacturer of award winning inspirational tableware for the international hospitality industry. It makes and supplies tabletop ranges and has annual sales of about £70 million. 85% of sales come from export markets and as a result the Staffordshire tableware manufacturer Steelite International has been given one of the most prestigious business awards in the world – the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category.

“There is really strong demand for British-made products and we’ve been proving that year after year. Everyone involved should be very proud of themselves.”

Kevin Oakes, Chief Executive of Steelite International


Growing markets for Steelite International include the U.S., Eastern Europe and Asia

The Stoke-on-Trent factory can produce about 500,000 pieces a week. To provide an idea of what this volume of product being produced equates to in terms of the storage space – here are a few facts about the Steelite production process:

  • If all the products made in a week were to be stacked if would be as high as the highest point on the Rocky Mountains.
  • The casting department produces 25,000 pieces a week – that means every day enough slip is used to fill 85 large baths.
  • Enough glaze is used every year to fill 207 Olympic size swimming pools.

 “The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are one of the most internationally-recognised and sought after awards that a UK business can achieve. They give companies prestige, an edge overseas and a well-deserved boost.”

Michael Fallon, Business and Energy Minister

Providing the space to grow

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