Temporary fire station during rebuild

When Dorset Fire and Rescue Service had the requirement for a temporary fire station during the building period of a brand new facility Aganto came to the rescue. Poole Fire Station needed modernising and the most cost effective way to do this was to knock down the existing building and build a new station.

Temporary building with additional features

Aganto supplied an insulated structure 20m wide x 15m long. The building needed to conform and comply with the expectations of a fully functioning 24 hour fire station. Many additional features were included within the structure to enable this. These features included specialist rapid rise doors as featured in most UK fire stations. A special sub frame was designed and installed to enable the installation and operation of these doors within the temporary building. A traffic light system was also fitted to work in conjunction with the doors.

Temporary building hire

By hiring this structure from Aganto, Dorset Fire and Rescue Service were able to solve a unique problem, as temporary fire stations are not readily available. Aganto has since supplied a number of temporary buildings for use as fire stations.

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