Hotels need temporary storage on-site for a variety of reasons. Especially if you are a leading hotel, with 24 hour operations on the location at one of the worlds busiest airports. The expectation is the facilities available must be multi-functional. This means function rooms and everything needed to furnish their different applications needs to be on hand and available for quick turn-arounds.

Hotels are designed to maximise the space available for customers

Finding space in a busy hotel to store the vast variety of furniture and equipment needed to present the portfolio of options is virtually impossible. Which means sourcing outside storage space is essential. However off-site storage often presents as many challenges as it solves.

Utilising space in the grounds for a temporary storage building is the answer

Having access to 525m2 of dedicated temporary storage building on site meant that the 4 star hotel could accommodate a broad portfolio of furniture for events and conferences. It even had space to store room equipment dropped off days before a large event. Installed in days, the temporary storage building was purchased by the hotel as it realised the versatility of the investment. If needs change it can be relocated, sold or re-purposed – helping the hotel adapt to a changing market – but in the meantime capitalise on the current opportunities.

Need a temporary Storage Building?

Aganto can provide FREE ADVICE and a range of options from purchase of new or used temporary building to long or short-term rental. It’s the most flexible way to balance the needs of your business potential without the hold-ups or expense of extending through conventional buildings or moving to another site. It starts with a free site visit and expert appraisal of your needs together with the range of possible options.

Call today for a free site visit for your temporary building

To make sure you get the right building for your requirements, budget and site, we will carry out a no obligation site survey, free of charge. This can be done at any time convenient to you.