rolls royce temporary building

When Rolls Royce at Ansty Park in Coventry had a requirement for relocatable storage, they opted for the speed and flexibility of Aganto temporary buildings.


Rolls Royce is perhaps best known for being a world-renowned car manufacturer, but it’s also manufactured aero engines since the start of World War I. Today, precision-engineered fan cases for large civil aero engines are manufactured at the Ansty plant. The volume and scale of components manufactured at the site can often mean additional storage requirements arise quickly, so flexibility to install buildings at short notice is key. They needed suitable temporary structures that could be anchored to the existing hardstanding.

Aganto initially supplied two insulated storage buildings: 15 x 30 x 5.2 and 15 x 20 x 5.2 in July 2018. These were installed successfully and de-rigged as planned in January 2019. A third structure was also due to be installed in October 2018, but it transpired that Rolls Royce’s manufacturing process wasn’t the only factor that demanded a versatile construction. A nest of Great Crested newts was uncovered on the same area as the planned building. As a European protected species, the newts themselves, their eggs, breeding sites and resting places must be left undisturbed. As Rolls Royce were unable to proceed at the proposed location until the newt situation was resolved, Aganto supplied an interim building sized 15 x 45 x 5.2 metres on a short-term rental. This fully insulated solution has enabled works to continue while Rolls Royce and the Environment Agency managed the safe removal of the newts. As groundworks aren’t necessary with this type of construction, the building can be easily relocated, so when the time comes to repurpose the space, it will be straightforward to de-rig and re-install a slightly longer version of the building at 15 x 5.2 x 50 metres to suit the available space.

Sales Manager for Aganto, Janos Szabo says,

“Our business has evolved specifically to provide customers with premium quality temporary buildings and a flexible and responsive service. The project delivered for Rolls Royce at Ansty is a great example of how it is possible to securely store large, high-value components while maintaining an adaptable site.”

With the temporary buildings provided by Aganto, the client has been able to avoid disruption to the manufacturing process and help keep the costs associated with parts storage to a minimum.

Following the de-rig last month, Project Manager of SPIE Build & Connect North Terry Wood commented,

“Your team of dismantlers did a very professional and safe job.”

The positive feedback was reiterated by Peter McCormick of Turner & Townsend Project Management who said,

“As per Terry’s observation, we also had the same opinion of your dismantlers.”

The building as originally proposed – but newt-free – will be installed this summer.