Background for temporary storage customer

Established in 1980, WasteCare offer a unique waste management and recycling service for all industrial and business sectors. The purchase of a new site at Widnes in 2006 was key to developing the waste collection business in the North West. In 2009, however, the site was devastated by a fire which destroyed two thirds of their storage capacity.

Requirement for temporary storage building

WasteCare urgently began seeking a temporary storage solution, which, due to cost implications of relocation and licensing issues, needed to be kept on site at Widnes. Having previous experience of temporary buildings, Graham Whittaker, Group Facilities Manager at WasteCare, researched the options suitable for delivery and installation on the remaining usable land.

Temporary storage building solution

Aganto successfully won the tender to supply and install a 30m wide by 25m long steel clad temporary storage building with a 6m eave height. True to their word, the building was delivered and installed at the Widnes site with timed perfection.

When an agreement was finally reached for the rebuild of the Widnes warehouse in January 2012, the Aganto building needed to be quickly removed prior to the contractors arriving on site. Instead of off-hiring the building, however, WasteCare had use for it at another site. A few phone calls later and Aganto were back on the case with a project time-scale to dismantle, transport and re-build the same temporary storage building in Yorkshire. Once again the Aganto team worked tirelessly in dreadful weather conditions with the whole project taking under two weeks.

Benefit of the temporary storage building

Not only did the Aganto building quickly restore their storage capacity after the devastating fire, but now serves as further storage for re-usable electrical items at the new site in Yorkshire.

Graham Whittaker added:

“The entire operation for electrical item recycling has improved at our Yorkshire site since the arrival of the Aganto temporary storage building as material can now flow from this unit into production rather than the stop start process we had previously. The Aganto building served us well at the Widnes site offering business continuity at a very difficult time and I’m sure will continue to be an asset at its new home in Yorkshire. The fast, reliable and dedicated response we got from the Aganto team was spot-on and exactly what we needed in both circumstances.”

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