Aganto recently provided a temporary structure to ICEE, a leading provider of services and products to the telecoms industry. The company has two bases, one in Waterlooville in Hampshire and the other in Warrington, Cheshire. Paul Harris, the Managing Director, realised there was an opportunity to rationalise the manufacturing processes by bringing it onto one site at Waterlooville.

To do this though they needed more warehousing space and quickly.

Requirement for more storage space

The manufacturing was being done at a plant about ¼ of a mile away from the Waterlooville site. Although a short distance, to bring it all under one roof would create beneficial savings and efficiencies.

In order to achieve this they needed to relocate the manufacturing from the off-site plant and bring it on site and into an existing brick building that was then being used as a warehouse. That meant a new warehouse building was needed.

With the emphasis on a solution that was flexible, economical and fast, Paul started looking for solutions and came across temporary buildings and Aganto’s website.

Even though economical temporary structures for warehousing are far removed from the capital outlay of a more permanent building, Paul obviously needed to make the right decision as anything other would have affected business continuity. Aganto provided all the information, time, quotes and site visits to ensure Paul was confident in his decision to move forward with an Aganto building.

Insulated temporary structure provided

Aganto provided an insulated temporary structure on a hire contract of 60 months. The building was 10m wide by 20m long and 4m high. The simple modular design of the building enabled ICEE to adapt it with a mezzanine floor and a separate office space, which created more warehouse space and a quiet working area. The building construction was managed by Aganto’s Site Operations Manager, Phil Marriott and the temporary structure was installed in just 4 days.

Secure storage using a temporary structure

Discussing the project, Paul Harris made the following comments. “Timescales were very important in our requirement to relocate. Choosing an Aganto building gave us the ability to meet these timescales as it was built and fully operational 4 days after delivery.

“The Aganto temporary structure also gave us a secure open floor space warehousing facility without any of the long traditional building processes. It also gives us future flexibility. If we no longer require the space we can off-hire the temporary structure or increase the space if we wish to expand further.

As an added bonus it was a very cost competitive solution for our requirement.”

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