APS Salads is the leading supplier of fresh, high quality tomatoes to retail and food service customers. For over 60 years their ethos has been to grow and source delicious tomatoes in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Urgent requirement for warehousing space

Working closely with large retailers means that APS Salads need to have systems and suppliers in place to react quickly. When a recent order from one of the four major supermarkets was much higher than anticipated APS found they were short on production space to accommodate the increase. Turning the order down was clearly not an option so the company needed to find additional warehousing space quickly to house the packaging that was currently stored in their production area. New machinery could then be bought into the production area to start processing the order.

Temporary warehouse – the ideal solution

After being advised by their trusted property partner, Poachin, APS Salads considered leasing space off-site or using a temporary warehouse building. Once it was decided to pursue the idea of a temporary building Aganto stood head and shoulders above the other companies in how they handled the enquiry process from start to finish. Uniquely with Aganto, it is one of the company’s owner directors who handle each project from start to finish. Not only does this inject an unrivalled level of expertise from day one, but it enables decisions to be made quickly and accurately – something that was critical for APS to meet the expectations and timelines of the major supermarket.

Aganto designed a building for APS salads that was 2 interlinked warehouse buildings 10m wide by 20m long by 4m high. The structure was linked to the production area for forklift and personnel access and vermin proofing was applied to ensure the packaging was kept clean and dry. As space was limited the warehouse structure had to be built over a grid and to overcome the issue of potential water ingress, Aganto had a bespoke cover manufactured and fitted over the grid.

Temporary warehousing – Aganto’s complete solution

APS Salads were able to meet the large supermarket order quickly and to the required high quality standard.

Philip Pearson, Group Development Director

“We put a lot of emphasis on finding trusted suppliers so we can meet high quality standards and fast lead times demanded by our customers. After working with Aganto on this project they will certainly be added to our list of partners who continue to help us be the successful company we are today”

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