Temporary Workshop helps boat yard expand

When you’re a seasonal business in the UK, you still need protection from the elements.

KB Boat Park invest in temporary workshop

There are lots of seasonal businesses, but if you’re supporting the UK pleasure boating sector, then the pressures really on. Everyone knows how unpredictable the British summers are, so when the weathers good, anyone with a boat wants to be on the water. This means the companies who store and maintain boats need to have all their clients boats ready to go and be able to switch from virtually zero launches to maximum based upon the weather.

A temporary workshop means predictable hours without the planning issues

If you’re a boat yard, things need to be flexible, which is why a temporary workshop solution is perfect. With less stringent planning than a permanent building, it provides a whole different level of flexibility. It can be expanded, relocated and simply removed should the business needs change.  What’s more it provides all of the protection and comfort of a permanent workshop.

Call today for a free site visit for your temporary building

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