Professional planning advice was also sought and provided by Aganto partner Mosaic Town Planning. The proposed 10 x 20 x 4.2m building footprint was only a fraction – literally millimetres – over the size limit where permission is not required. However as planning for temporary buildings can be achieved relatively swiftly compared to permanent structures, this didn’t cause an issue. The planning application was submitted while the wiring loom production and stores operations were moved in preparation for the building. When the client was ready to proceed and permission had been granted, the building components: frame, cladding, thermo roofing, electrical roller door and lighting were ordered and delivered within a 4-week lead time.

The installation build was then fully completed over four working days, creating new storage to free-up space for core production activities. The facility location has an abundance of space, so the temporary building option enabled Treka to capitalise on this strength. The simple yet robust modular construction was anchored to existing concrete hard-standing, without needing groundworks. In addition to the speed and ease of installation, the building can be easily relocated and re-purposed to facilitate operational change and business growth.

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