Temporary Warehouses Suited to your Needs

Freight behemoth Truckwright run numerous amounts of trucks and trailers, priding themselves on offering an excellent service at competitive prices. The Northamptonshire-based haulage company’s service is accurate and also flexible, allowing them to significantly grow their services across the UK and Ireland, and also their reputation in the haulage industry.

Being a member of the UPN Pallet Network, Truckwrights’ vehicles are dedicated to the pallet operation and are on the road every day, collecting the individual and small quantity pallets which will then be consolidated and loaded onto one of their double deck trailers ready for their onward journey for delivery- resulting in a very busy and current site.

Company Expansion Strategy

Tim Wright, Truckwright’s MD, needed a temporary building for Trans shipping and loading, knowing that an additional warehouse was vital for the company’s expansion strategy. Sales manager Janos Szabo worked with Tim to understand his business needs and building requirement, coming up with a bespoke solution that will reflect their large fleet of modern vehicles in a range of sizes.

Temporary Building vs. Permanent Structure

Big enough to house artics, rigid 26 tonne trucks and tail lifts, Janos suggested a 20 m x 30 m x 6.2 m insulated warehouse building with 3 roller shutter doors for truck access.

Janos explains: “Tim knew that a temporary building as opposed to a traditional permanent structure, allows for greater flexibility in the future. Truckwright will eventually be moving to a larger site at which time they can move the building or sell the building or leave it where it is for the next occupier- a win win all round!”

Tim adds: “What was unique about Aganto was they actually delivered on promises! They were quick, efficient with good commercials. We needed additional warehouse space and fast- and we got it. Aganto really did deliver.”

With many freight companies as customers, including Truckwright, Aganto are now also members of the Road Haulage Association.

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