Warehouse canopies have been used by The Benson Group, a leading UK packaging manufacturer who produces high quality cartons for the food, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, at various locations.

Requirement for weather protection

With pallets becoming at risk from wet damage, cover was needed for loading and unloading the double deck trailers at their Bardon site. This site has another specific problem, where an incline between the warehouse and the loading bay area created problems for forklifts, particularly during the winter months, when snow and ice were a significant hazard.

The solution – a warehouse canopy from Aganto

Having previously worked with Aganto on a successful industrial canopy project at their Crewe site, Ian Widdowson, Group Warehouse & Distribution Manager, got in touch to discuss their requirements. Once the site and particularly the incline, had been carefully surveyed and measured, a canopy loading bay building 10m wide by 25m long by 5m high was installed on a 3 year hire contract. The canopy was fitted with a weather proof link to the warehouse building and with micro mesh walling on the back gable ends to ensure air could move freely through the structure.

How warehouse canopies can improve loading operations

Loading and unloading activity at the Bardon site can now all be done undercover and the canopy is now in constant use, protecting pallets from wet damage and also creating a safer working environment for the forklift operators. As can be seen from this example, it is often possible to install canopies on inclines without any building works required (all subject to survey of course).

Ian Widdowson commented:

“The new industrial canopy at Bardon meets our requirements perfectly and is also encouraging shorter turn-around times as loads can be collated under cover prior to collection and loading.”

See more information about warehouse canopies here.

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