A temporary building to cope with the seasonal peaks

When the UK’s largest supplier of British tomatoes to the high street needed more space quickly, where did they go?

Harvesting over 20,000 tonnes of tomatoes every year

Specialising in the production and supply of top quality tomatoes grown in the most sustainable way possible, APS is a genuinely innovative and forward thinking business. So it’s no surprise that when challenged with the need for additional storage space, they looked at an Aganto temporary building as the solution.

Seasonal peaks to meet UK retail demand

British tomato production amounts to about 92,000 metric tonnes per year – about a fifth of the total volume of tomatoes sold in the country through the year, and up to a half in the summer. APS glasshouses produce around 500 million tomatoes per year ranging from cherry to beefsteak. They grow conventional hydroponic tomatoes and they’re also the largest soil grown organic producer in the UK.

A temporary building to cope with the seasonal peaks

The building located at their packing facility at Chichester, provided them with a fast flexible solution for their storage needs. It was installed within a matter of weeks from order and can be extended or moved to suit the businesses evolving needs.

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