The residents of Andover will use the temporary indoor swimming pool while the town’s Leisure Centre is rebuilt. Swimming lessons for over 700 children a week are now up and running and the pool will remain open until the new Andover Leisure Centre swimming pool opens in Spring 2019.

Aganto partnership provides temporary indoor swimming pool for Test Valley Borough Council

A partnership between Aganto, one of the UK’s leading temporary building suppliers, and Total Swimming, has meant that the residents of Andover can continue their recreational activities without disruption whilst work was carried out on the facilities of their existing swimming pool.

Total Swimming was co-founded by Olympic Swimmers Steve Parry and Adrian Turner and is the market leader in demountable swimming pool solutions across the UK. Aganto were approached by Total Swimming for their expertise in the provision of a temporary building for a project in Andover.

Amazing opportunity for local communities to continue to swim while their existing pool is being rebuilt

Steve Parry explains:

“As the market leader in demountable swimming pools across the UK, we are delighted to be working on another of our 25m modular pool projects. These pools offer an amazing opportunity for local communities to continue to swim whilst their existing pool is being rebuilt. Thanks to Aganto and their team for providing the building and helping us achieve our goal for the community.”

A match made in heaven, Total Swimming are key facilitators and have a great deal of experience working with councils in a similar position and have provided replacement facilities due to building work or closures. Coming to Aganto to help provide quick, easy and cost effective temporary building solutions meant that the locals of Andover could continue with their activities without fuss or disruption – this is what Aganto is all about.

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